Love on Trend | 2021

Directed by: Nicholas Humphries

Love on Trend Poster

Main Plot

Love on Trend is a romantic comedy directed by Nicholas Humphries. The film follows a fashion vlogger who is forced to collaborate with a tech-savvy gamer to save her channel. As they work together, they discover unexpected chemistry and a shared passion for their respective interests.


  • Jocelyn Panton is a fashion designer who helps the protagonist create a trendy wardrobe for a high-profile event.
  • Giles Panton plays the character of Jake, who is a fashion photographer and the love interest of the protagonist.
  • Amanda Wong is a fashion designer who helps the protagonist revamp their style and find love.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Love on Trend, the main character, a fashion designer named Zoe, successfully saves her struggling business by creating a unique and innovative fashion line. She also reconciles with her estranged sister, who helps her in this endeavor. Zoe's romantic relationship with her supportive boyfriend, Liam, grows stronger, and they decide to take their relationship to the next level. The film concludes on a happy note, with Zoe's fashion line becoming a success, her personal relationships flourishing, and her finding fulfillment in both her career and love life.

Thumbs Down
Nicholas Humphries Jocelyn Panton Giles Panton Amanda Wong