Long Shot | 2019

Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Long Shot Poster

Main Plot

Long Shot, directed by Jonathan Levine, follows the unexpected romance between Fred Flarsky, a passionate journalist, and Charlotte Field, the Secretary of State who is also running for President. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, they reconnect after Fred becomes Charlotte's speechwriter, leading to a blossoming relationship. As they navigate the challenges of their professional lives and the scrutiny of the public eye, Fred and Charlotte must decide if their love can withstand the pressures of politics and if they can overcome their differences to be together.


  • Charlize Theron's character in Long Shot is Charlotte Field, a successful politician who hires a journalist as her speechwriter and eventually falls in love with him.
  • Fred Flarsky is a journalist who reunites with his childhood crush, Charlotte Field, who is now the U.S. Secretary of State, and becomes her speechwriter during her presidential campaign.
  • June Diane Raphael plays Maggie Millikin, a political strategist who helps the main character, played by Seth Rogen, in his campaign for a major political office.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Long Shot," Charlotte Field becomes the first female President of the United States, while Fred Flarsky continues his career as a journalist. Despite their differences, Charlotte and Fred manage to maintain a strong connection and decide to be together. They attend a political event together, where Fred gives a heartfelt speech about love and the importance of fighting for what you believe in. Charlotte, inspired by his words, publicly announces her love for Fred and the two share a passionate kiss in front of the crowd. The film concludes with Charlotte and Fred embarking on a new chapter of their lives, balancing their personal relationship with their professional responsibilities.

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