Let the Right One In | 2008

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson

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Main Plot

Oskar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl.


  • Kåre Hedebrant plays Oskar, a bullied and lonely boy who befriends a vampire girl named Eli.
  • Lina Leandersson's character, Eli, is a young vampire who forms a deep bond with a bullied boy named Oskar.
  • Per Ragnar plays the character of Håkan, who is a caretaker and guardian to the vampire Eli in the film.


In the ending of "Let the Right One In," Oskar, a bullied young boy, is seen traveling on a train with Eli, a vampire girl. As the train departs, Oskar looks out the window, contemplating his new life with Eli. The film concludes with a sense of hope and companionship between the two, as they embark on a journey together, leaving their troubled pasts behind.

Tomas Alfredson