Leo | 2023

Directed by: Lokesh Kanagaraj

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Main Plot

Leo is a Tamil action thriller film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The story revolves around a common man named Leo, who finds himself caught in a dangerous web of events after witnessing a crime. As Leo tries to uncover the truth, he becomes entangled in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with powerful individuals. With his life on the line, Leo must navigate through a series of thrilling twists and turns to protect himself and those he cares about. The film is a gripping tale of survival, filled with suspense and unexpected revelations.


  • Joseph Vijay plays Leo, a skilled and determined individual who embarks on a mission to seek justice and bring down a powerful criminal organization.
  • Trisha Krishnan plays a character who is a love interest and provides emotional support to the protagonist in the plot of Leo.
  • Sanjay Dutt's character in Leo is a police officer who plays a pivotal role in the investigation of a high-profile crime.


In the film "Leo" directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, the story reaches its climax as Leo, the protagonist, finally confronts the main antagonist in a thrilling and intense showdown. After a series of intense action sequences and emotionally charged moments, Leo manages to overcome all obstacles and emerges victorious. The film concludes with Leo achieving his ultimate goal, bringing justice to those who have wronged him and his loved ones. The ending leaves a sense of satisfaction as Leo's journey comes to a close, highlighting the resilience and determination of the human spirit. Lokesh Kanagaraj's direction successfully delivers a gripping and impactful conclusion, leaving the audience with a lasting impression.

Lokesh Kanagaraj