Leave the World Behind | 2014

Directed by: Christian Larson, Robin Hofwander

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Main Plot

"Leave the World Behind" follows the journey of a famous electronic music group as they embark on their final world tour. The film explores their personal struggles, creative process, and the impact of their music on their fans, all while capturing the electrifying energy of their live performances.


  • Steve Angello plays himself in Leave the World Behind, a documentary that follows his journey as a renowned DJ.
  • Nikhil Chinappa's character in "Leave the World Behind" is G.H., a mysterious and enigmatic figure who brings uncertainty to the story.
  • Axel Hedfors plays himself in Leave the World Behind, a documentary film about the Swedish electronic music group Swedish House Mafia.


In the ending of "Leave the World Behind," directed by Christian Larson and Robin Hofwander, the film reaches a climactic moment as the Swedish electronic dance music group, Swedish House Mafia, performs their last show in Miami. The energy and emotions run high as the trio bids farewell to their fans, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. The film concludes with a sense of closure and reflection, capturing the essence of their final moments together as a group, and leaving viewers with a mix of nostalgia and admiration for their journey.

Christian Larson, Robin Hofwander