La vérité si je mens! 2 | 2001

Directed by: Thomas Gilou

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Main Plot

Eddie, Dov, and Yvan are back, still working in Paris' Sentier textile district, This time they're confronting the high-stakes world of large distribution after striking a deal with Eurodiscount, a European hypermarket chain.


  • Richard Anconina's character plays Eddie Vuibert, a clothing salesman who gets involved in a money laundering scheme.
  • José Garcia's character plays a vital role as a charismatic and quick-witted con artist in the plot.
  • Bruno Solo's character plays a key role as Eddie, a young man who gets involved in the illegal business activities.


In the ending of "La vérité si je mens! 2," the gang successfully pulls off a big scam by selling a fake shipment of textiles. They manage to avoid getting caught by the authorities, and as a result, they become wealthy. The friends celebrate their success by throwing a lavish party where they dance and enjoy their newfound fortunes. The film concludes with everyone reveling in their triumph, unaware of the challenges and adventures that await them in the future.

Thomas Gilou