Kingdom of the Spiders | 1977

Directed by: John 'Bud' Cardos

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Main Plot

In rural Arizona, countless killer tarantulas are migrating through a farm town, killing every living thing in their path. The town's veterinarian will do everything in his power to survive the onslaught.


  • William Shatner's character in "Kingdom of the Spiders" is Dr. Robert "Rack" Hansen, a veterinarian who investigates a spider invasion.
  • Tiffany Bolling's character is Diane Ashley, a veterinarian who helps investigate the mysterious deaths caused by an infestation of spiders.
  • Woody Strode's character is Walter Colby, a rancher who helps the main characters fight against an invasion of killer spiders.


In the ending of Kingdom of the Spiders, the town is overrun by aggressive tarantulas, causing chaos and death. The protagonist, Rack Hansen, tries to find a solution to this escalating spider problem. Eventually, the town unites to fight against the spiders, using fire and insecticide. Despite their efforts, the spiders continue to multiply and attack, causing panic among the residents. In a final attempt to save the town, Rack and a scientist discover that the spiders are vulnerable to sound vibrations. They use a helicopter to blast loud music, successfully driving the spiders away. The town is saved, but the threat of the spiders remains, leaving an eerie sense of uncertainty.

John 'Bud' Cardos