Kicking & Screaming | 2005

Directed by: Jesse Dylan

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Main Plot

Kicking & Screaming follows the story of Phil Weston, a man who has always lived in the shadow of his competitive father. When Phil's son joins a soccer team, he decides to coach the team himself in order to prove his worth. However, he soon realizes that his lack of experience and competitive spirit may hinder his success. With the help of a former professional player, Phil must find a way to unite his team and discover the true meaning of sportsmanship.


  • Phil Weston, a man who coaches his son's soccer team to compete against his father's championship-winning team, leading to a heated rivalry.
  • Robert Duvall's character in Kicking & Screaming is a competitive father who becomes the assistant coach of a youth soccer team.
  • Bucky Weston, a young soccer player who joins a struggling team and helps inspire them to improve their skills and work together as a team.


In the ending of "Kicking & Screaming," Phil, a competitive father, learns to prioritize his son's happiness over winning. After a series of misadventures, Phil's soccer team reaches the championship game, where they face his own father's team. Realizing the negative impact of his intense coaching style, Phil decides to step down as coach and encourages his son to play for fun. In a surprising turn, Phil's father offers him a chance to play in the game, leading to a heartwarming father-son moment. Despite losing the championship, Phil realizes the importance of family and bonds with his son, learning that winning isn't everything. The film concludes with Phil embracing a more balanced approach to life and sports.

Jesse Dylan