Joyride | 2005

Directed by: Frank Herrebout

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Main Plot

Three girls steal a car and head up for a model contest. It's a holiday to die for, until someone does...


  • Georgina Verbaan plays the character of Liza in the plot of Joyride.
  • Peggy Vrijens' character in the plot of Joyride is Melissa, who is one of the main protagonist's love interests.
  • Dorien Haan is a secondary character in the plot of Joyride, serving as the protagonist's best friend and confidante.


In the ending of Joyride, the thrilling chase reaches its climax as the protagonist successfully outmaneuvers the pursuing vehicles. With adrenaline pumping, they make a daring escape, leaving their pursuers in the dust. The tension gradually dissipates as they find themselves on an open road, free from danger. As the film concludes, a sense of triumph and liberation fills the air, reminding us of the exhilarating joyride that unfolded throughout the narrative.

Frank Herrebout