Italian Spiderman | 2007

Directed by: Dario Russo

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Main Plot

When an otherworldly substance with amazing cloning properties falls into the hands of the evil criminal mastermind, Captain Maximum, only the extreme powers of the Italian Spiderman can save the world.


  • David Ashby is a villainous character who kidnaps Princess Amazonia, leading to the conflict and adventure in Italian Spiderman.
  • Chris Asimos plays the role of Italian Spiderman's enemy, Captain Maximum, who tries to stop him from saving the world.
  • Anna Cashman plays the role of an investigative journalist who helps Italian Spiderman in his mission to save the world.


In the ending of Italian Spiderman, the hero defeats the evil Captain Maximum and saves the world from destruction. He is celebrated as a hero by the people, and the city is restored to peace. Italian Spiderman then swings off into the sunset, ready to continue his adventures and protect the innocent from any future threats.

Dario Russo