Insidious | 2010

Directed by: James Wan

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Main Plot

A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.


  • Patrick Wilson's character in Insidious is named Josh Lambert. He plays the role of a father who tries to save his son from an evil entity.
  • Rose Byrne's character in Insidious is Renai Lambert, a mother who becomes haunted by supernatural entities in her home.
  • Ty Simpkins plays Dalton Lambert, a young boy who falls into a coma and becomes a vessel for evil entities.


In the ending of "Insidious," after a perilous journey through the spiritual realm, the Lambert family manages to rescue their comatose son Dalton from the clutches of evil spirits. However, they discover that Josh, the father, has been possessed by a malevolent entity. With the help of Elise, a psychic, they perform a seance to free Josh's spirit, but the entity manages to escape into the real world. In a final twist, it is revealed that Josh has been possessed since childhood. The movie ends with a haunting shot of Josh's face, hinting at the ongoing supernatural threat.

James Wan