Hot Bot | 2016

Directed by: Michael Polish

 Movie Poster (spoilers)

Main Plot

Hot Bot follows two high school geeks who accidentally discover a beautiful and highly advanced robot in their backyard. They embark on a hilarious and wild adventure to protect her from falling into the wrong hands, encountering various obstacles along the way.


  • Zack Pearlman's character is Leonard and he plays the role of a high school student who finds a robot.
  • Doug Haley plays the character of Leonard in Hot Bot, who is a nerdy high school student and best friend to the main protagonist.
  • Cynthia Kirchner plays the character of Kassidy in Hot Bot, a high-tech robot who embarks on a misadventure with two teenagers.


In the ending of Hot Bot, the two teenage boys successfully rescue the advanced female robot named Bardot from the clutches of a group of misfits. They manage to outsmart the villains and reunite Bardot with her creator, who helps her regain her memories. Bardot then decides to leave her robotic body and transfer her consciousness into a human body. The boys bid farewell to Bardot, who embarks on a new life as a human, while they continue their own adventures, having learned valuable lessons about friendship and love.