Here Comes Dr. Tran | 2003

Directed by: Breehn Burns

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Main Plot



  • Breehn Burns' character plays a small role as a customer who encounters Dr. Tran in the plot.
  • Jason Johnson is a minor character in "Here Comes Dr. Tran" with an undefined role in the plot.
  • Cynthia Beckert is a supporting character who assists in the plot by providing information and support to Dr. Tran.


In the ending of "Here Comes Dr. Tran," Dr. Tran successfully defeats the alien invaders with his martial arts skills. He saves the day and gains recognition from the grateful townspeople. As a reward, he is given a brand new sports car, which he uses to speed away, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The film ends with a humorous twist, showcasing Dr. Tran's reckless and chaotic nature.

Breehn Burns