Henry & June | 1990

Directed by: Philip Kaufman

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Main Plot

Henry & June is a biographical drama film directed by Philip Kaufman. Set in 1930s Paris, it explores the complex relationships between writer Henry Miller, his wife June, and writer Anaïs Nin, as they navigate their passions, desires, and the boundaries of their unconventional love triangle.


  • Fred Ward plays the character of Henry Miller, who is a writer and one of the main protagonists in the plot.
  • Uma Thurman's character in Henry & June is June Miller, who plays a pivotal role in the plot.
  • Anaïs Nin, a writer and diarist, who becomes involved in a passionate and complex love triangle with Henry Miller and his wife June.


In the ending of "Henry & June," directed by Philip Kaufman, Henry and June's passionate affair comes to an end as Henry decides to leave Paris. June, devastated by their separation, finds solace in her writing and begins to explore her own identity. Meanwhile, Henry returns to his wife, but their marriage remains strained. The film concludes with a bittersweet realization that their intense connection will forever be etched in their memories, as they continue to navigate their complicated lives and artistic pursuits.

Philip Kaufman