Hardcore | 2004

Directed by: Dennis Iliadis

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Main Plot

Leaving behind a hard life with their families, two young girls end up in a brothel, fall in love and support one another against the adversities and violence of the night.


  • Katerina Tsavalou's character in "Hardcore" serves as a love interest and motivator for the protagonist.
  • Danai Skiadi's character in Hardcore has a minor role as a background character with limited screen time.
  • Ioannis Papazisis' character in Hardcore plays the role of an antagonist who opposes the protagonist's mission.


In the ending of Hardcore, Henry, a cyborg, defeats Akan, a telekinetic villain, and rescues his daughter, Estelle. Henry sacrifices himself to destroy Akan's headquarters, saving Estelle and other hostages. However, his consciousness is transferred to a clone body, allowing him to reunite with Estelle and continue fighting against the corrupt corporation.

Dennis Iliadis