Hard Target | 1993

Directed by: John Woo

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Main Plot

A drifter in New Orleans becomes the target of a group of wealthy individuals who pay for the privilege of hunting humans. With the help of a woman whose father has gone missing, he fights to stay alive and bring justice to those responsible.


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in Hard Target is named Chance Boudreaux, a former military operative hired to protect a woman being hunted.
  • Lance Henriksen's character is Emil Fouchon, the main antagonist who organizes human hunting games in Hard Target.
  • Yancy Butler's character in Hard Target is Natasha Binder, who hires a mercenary to help find her missing father.


In the ending of Hard Target, Chance defeats his enemies and saves Natasha. They escape the burning warehouse and reunite with Chance's friend, Douvee. The corrupt businessman, Emil Fouchon, is killed by a grenade explosion. Chance and Natasha part ways, but not before sharing a passionate kiss. Chance then walks away, leaving behind his past life as a mercenary, while Natasha watches him disappear into the distance.

John Woo