Green Zone | 2010

Directed by: Paul Greengrass

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Main Plot

Discovering covert and faulty intelligence causes a U.S. Army officer to go rogue as he hunts for Weapons of Mass Destruction in an unstable region.


  • Matt Damon's character in Green Zone is a US Army officer who uncovers a conspiracy while searching for WMDs in Iraq.
  • Jason Isaacs plays the role of Major Briggs, who is a high-ranking officer working alongside Matt Damon's character in Green Zone.
  • Greg Kinnear's character in Green Zone is a Pentagon official who becomes a target of investigation by Matt Damon's character.


In the ending of Green Zone, Miller confronts Clark about the false intelligence and exposes his role in manipulating the war. The truth is revealed to the public, causing riots and protests. Miller finds Freddy, who had been helping him, and the two escape the chaos. They part ways, and Miller is last seen carrying evidence of the corruption, determined to bring justice to those responsible.

Paul Greengrass