Green Street Hooligans | 2005

Directed by: Lexi Alexander

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Main Plot

A journalism student from the US moves to London and befriends a group of football hooligans. He gets caught up in their violent world, leading to unexpected consequences and a test of loyalty.


  • Elijah Wood's character in Green Street Hooligans is named Matt Buckner, a Harvard student who becomes involved in football hooliganism.
  • Charlie Hunnam's character in Green Street Hooligans is Pete Dunham, a former Green Street Elite football firm member.
  • Claire Forlani's character in Green Street Hooligans is Shannon Dunham, the sister of the main character's love interest.


In the ending of Green Street Hooligans, after a series of intense fights and betrayals, the main character, Matt, decides to leave the violent world of football hooliganism behind. He reconciles with his sister and returns to the United States, where he starts a new life. However, he keeps a sense of loyalty towards his friends from the hooligan group, promising to always have their back if they need him. The film concludes with Matt reflecting on his journey and the lessons he has learned about friendship, loyalty, and finding one's true identity.

Lexi Alexander