Green Book | 2018

Directed by: Peter Farrelly

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Main Plot

Green Book follows the unlikely friendship between an African-American pianist and his Italian-American driver as they embark on a concert tour through the racially segregated South. Despite their differences, they learn to rely on and trust each other as they confront prejudice and discrimination during their journey. Through their shared experiences, they both come to understand and appreciate each other's perspectives, challenging their own prejudices and preconceptions. As they navigate the challenges of the journey, the two men form a deep bond that transcends race and class, proving that genuine connections can be formed in the face of adversity. The film explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and the power of empathy in overcoming prejudice.


  • Tony Lip, an Italian-American bouncer from the Bronx, is hired to chauffeur and protect African-American pianist Dr. Don Shirley on a concert tour through the segregated South in the 1960s. Viggo Mortensen
  • Don Shirley, a talented African American pianist, hires a white driver named Tony Lip to chauffeur him on a concert tour through the racially segregated South in the 1960s. Mahershala Ali
  • Linda Cardellini plays Dolores Vallelonga, the wife of Tony Vallelonga who is the main character in the film. She supports her husband as he embarks on a road trip. Linda Cardellini

Ending Explained

In the movie "Green Book," the story concludes with Tony Lip dropping off Dr. Don Shirley at his home after their tour together. Despite initial tensions, the two men have grown to respect and care for each other. Tony receives a letter from Dr. Shirley revealing how much he valued their friendship, prompting Tony to regret not staying in touch. The final scene shows Tony arriving home to a warm welcome from his family, suggesting his growth from his experiences with Dr. Shirley. The closing title cards inform viewers that Tony and Dr. Shirley remained friends until their deaths in real life, highlighting the profound impact their relationship had on both of them. The conclusion of "Green Book" emphasizes the transformative power of friendship and understanding across different backgrounds. Tony and Dr. Shirley's bond transcends racial and societal barriers, ultimately leading to personal growth and mutual respect. This heartfelt ending leaves viewers with a message of unity and compassion.

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