Green Book | 2018

Directed by: Peter Farrelly

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Main Plot

Green Book is a heartwarming true story set in the 1960s about an African-American pianist, Dr. Don Shirley, who embarks on a concert tour in the racially segregated Deep South. He hires an Italian-American bouncer, Tony Lip, as his driver and bodyguard. Despite their differences, the two form an unlikely friendship as they confront racism and prejudice together, relying on a guidebook called the Green Book to navigate through the racially divided region. Through their journey, they learn valuable lessons about acceptance, understanding, and the power of friendship.


  • Viggo Mortensen's character in Green Book is Tony Lip, an Italian-American bouncer who becomes a chauffeur for an African-American classical pianist on a concert tour in the 1960s.
  • Mahershala Ali's character in Green Book is Dr. Don Shirley, a talented African-American pianist who embarks on a concert tour in the racially segregated South and hires a white driver for protection.
  • Linda Cardellini's character in Green Book is Dolores Vallelonga, the wife of Tony Lip (played by Viggo Mortensen). She supports her husband throughout his journey as a driver for Dr. Don Shirley.


In the film Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly, the story concludes with Tony Lip and Dr. Don Shirley's friendship deepening as they return home from their road trip. Despite their differences, they have developed a mutual respect and understanding. Tony learns to appreciate the struggles faced by African Americans, while Dr. Shirley finds solace in Tony's friendship. Upon their return, Tony is warmly welcomed by his family, and he invites Dr. Shirley to join them for Christmas. However, Dr. Shirley declines the offer, feeling out of place in Tony's predominantly white neighborhood. The film ends with Tony receiving a letter from Dr. Shirley, expressing his gratitude for their friendship and acknowledging the impact it had on his life.

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