Greed | 1924

Directed by: Erich von Stroheim

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Main Plot

The sudden fortune won from a lottery fans such destructive greed that it ruins the lives of the three people involved.


  • Gibson Gowland plays the character of McTeague in the movie Greed, a dentist who becomes consumed by greed.
  • Zasu Pitts portrayed the character of Trina Sieppe in the film Greed. She played the wife of the main character.
  • Jean Hersholt's character in the film "Greed" is named Marcus, who plays a significant role as a friend and advisor to the protagonist, McTeague.


In the ending of "Greed," directed by Erich von Stroheim, McTeague and Marcus engage in a deadly struggle in Death Valley over money and Trina's possession. Marcus is killed, and McTeague is left stranded in the desert, dying of thirst. He eventually succumbs to his fate, while Trina, now rich, is consumed by guilt and wanders aimlessly, living a miserable life. The film concludes with a haunting image of Trina, broken and alone, symbolizing the destructive power of greed and the tragic consequences it brings.

Erich von Stroheim