Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel | 2004

Directed by: Gandulf Hennig

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Main Plot

On September 19, 1973, the musician and heir to a million-dollar fortune died under the influence of drugs and alcohol near his favourite place - the Joshua Tree National Monument in the Californian desert. As the founder of the F...


  • Tracey MacLeod serves as a narrator and interviewer in the documentary, providing insight and context to Gram Parsons' life and music.
  • Peter Buck, a musician and friend of Gram Parsons, plays a supporting role in the plot, offering guidance and collaboration.
  • Gretchen Carpenter is a key figure in the life and music career of Gram Parsons, providing support and inspiration.


The documentary "Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel," directed by Gandulf Hennigin, concludes with the tragic death of musician Gram Parsons due to a drug overdose. It explores his influential career and his role in shaping country rock music. The film highlights his impact on fellow musicians and his enduring legacy, emphasizing the profound loss that his untimely death represented for the music industry.

Gandulf Hennig