Grøn top | 2018

Directed by: Andrea Stief

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Main Plot

This year, Marcus and his mother will celebrate Christmas with her new boyfriend, Jakob, and his daughter, Emma. Having to share family traditions is difficult - especially with someone as cute as Emma. As Emma steals all the atte...


  • Harald Kaiser Hermann is a character who plays a significant role in the plot of Grøn top.
  • Smila Laudrup's character in "Grøn top" plays a significant role in the plot, contributing to the story's development.
  • Pernille Andersen is a character in the plot of Grøn top, but her exact role is not specified in the given information.


In the ending of "Grøn top," directed by Andrea Stiefin, the protagonist, struggling with her past, finds solace in nature. She confronts her inner demons, letting go of her fears and regrets. Embracing the green landscape, she experiences a sense of liberation and renewal. The film concludes with a powerful visual of her standing atop a hill, symbolizing her triumph over her inner struggles and her newfound connection with the natural world.

Andrea Stief