Good Bad & Ugly | 2013

Directed by: Rathish Ram

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Main Plot

Three boys come to a big city and find that it changes them in dark ways.


  • Sreejith Vijay's character plays a significant role in the plot of Good Bad & Ugly, impacting the storyline.
  • Meghana Raj's character in "Good Bad & Ugly" plays a significant role in the plot as a love interest and catalyst for conflict.
  • Basil is a secondary character in the plot of Good Bad & Ugly, providing comic relief and supporting the main characters.


In the ending of "Good Bad & Ugly," directed by Rathish Ramin, the three main characters engage in a tense Mexican standoff. Blondie shoots Angel Eyes, while Tuco shoots Blondie's gun, rendering it useless. Blondie reveals that his gun was unloaded all along, leaving Tuco defenseless. Blondie walks away with the gold, leaving Tuco behind. As he rides off, Blondie reveals the location of the hidden gold to Tuco, but leaves him stranded in the desert.

Rathish Ram