Going Home | 1971

Directed by: Herbert B. Leonard

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Main Plot

"Going Home" follows the journey of a man who returns to his hometown after serving time in prison. As he tries to rebuild his life, he faces various challenges and confronts the mistakes of his past, ultimately seeking redemption and a fresh start. Directed by Herbert B. Leonard.


  • Robert Mitchum's character in Going Home is a recently widowed man who returns to his hometown with his children.
  • Brenda Vaccaro's character in Going Home is Mary Ann, who helps the protagonist navigate through their personal struggles.
  • Jan-Michael Vincent played the character of Billy in Going Home, a troubled teenager who reconnects with his estranged father.


In the ending of "Going Home," the protagonist, after a long journey, finally arrives at his childhood home. As he steps inside, memories flood back, reminding him of his past and the people he has lost. Overwhelmed with nostalgia, he finds solace and closure in the familiar surroundings. Reflecting on his life's journey, he realizes the importance of cherishing the moments and relationships that shaped him. With a renewed sense of gratitude, he embraces the bittersweet feeling of going home, knowing that it will forever hold a special place in his heart.

Herbert B. Leonard