Goat | 2016

Directed by: Andrew Neel

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Main Plot

Goat follows the story of Brad, a college freshman who decides to join his older brother Brett's fraternity in order to prove his worth and overcome his insecurities. However, Brad soon discovers that the fraternity initiation process, known as "Hell Week," is far more brutal and degrading than he anticipated. As he endures physical and psychological hazing, Brad's relationships with his brother, friends, and even himself are tested. The film explores themes of masculinity, peer pressure, and the lengths people will go to fit in and gain acceptance. Through the intense and disturbing events that unfold, Brad must navigate the blurred lines between loyalty, sacrifice, and the true meaning of brotherhood.


  • Ben Schnetzer plays the character Brad Land, who is the main protagonist in the film. He goes through a traumatic hazing experience while pledging a fraternity.
  • Nick Jonas plays Brett Land in Goat, a college student who joins a fraternity and becomes involved in the hazing rituals that take a dark turn.
  • Gus Halper plays the character Brad in the film Goat. Brad is the older brother of the main character and plays a significant role in the plot as he introduces him to the fraternity lifestyle.


In the ending of Goat, after enduring a series of brutal hazing rituals at his college fraternity, Brad finally confronts his brother, Brett, who is also a member of the fraternity. Brad expresses his disappointment and anger towards Brett for not intervening and protecting him during the hazing. Brett, feeling guilty and remorseful, confesses that he was scared and didn't know how to help. The brothers have a heartfelt conversation, where Brad realizes that he needs to let go of his anger and move forward. In the final scene, Brad attends a party at the fraternity, showing that he has chosen to rise above the hazing and continue his college experience. The film concludes with a sense of hope and growth, as Brad begins to heal and find his own path.

Andrew Neel Drama Ben Schnetzer Nick Jonas Gus Halper