Glass Onion | 2022

Directed by: Rian Johnson

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Main Plot

Tech billionaire Miles Bron invites his friends for a getaway on his private Greek island. When someone turns up dead, Detective Benoit Blanc is put on the case.


  • Daniel Craig's character plays a crucial role in the plot of Glass Onion, weaving together the various storylines.
  • Edward Norton's character in Glass Onion plays a pivotal role in uncovering the truth behind a mysterious conspiracy.
  • Kate Hudson's character plays a significant role in the plot of Glass Onion.


In the ending of Glass Onion, the truth is revealed as the protagonist, Emma, discovers that she has been living in a fabricated reality within a mental institution. She breaks free from the illusion and confronts the manipulative doctor behind it all. With her newfound clarity, Emma escapes the institution, determined to expose the doctor's unethical practices and seek justice for herself and the other patients. The film ends with a sense of hope as Emma embraces her freedom and sets out on a mission to reclaim her life.

Rian Johnson