Glam | 1997

Directed by: Josh Evans

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Main Plot

Traveling from the backwoods to Los Angeles to visit his cousin, a writer discovers a world of sex, drugs, crime and violence revolving around a beautiful young woman and her mobster boyfriend.


  • William McNamara's character in Glam plays a significant role in the plot as a central figure who drives the story forward.
  • Frank Whaley's character in the movie Glam plays a supportive role as a friend and confidant to the protagonist.
  • Natasha Gregson Wagner plays a supporting role as a close friend of the main character in the film Glam.


The ending of Glam directed by Josh Evans sees the main character, a struggling musician named Ray, finally achieving success and recognition for his talent. He overcomes his personal demons and finds redemption through his music, ultimately performing a breathtaking live concert. The film ends with Ray basking in the applause and adoration of his audience, finally finding the fulfillment and validation he had been searching for throughout the story.

Josh Evans