Flu | 2013

Directed by: Kim Sung-su

Flu Poster

Main Plot

In the midst of a deadly outbreak, a group of individuals must unite to prevent the spread of a lethal virus that threatens to wipe out an entire city. As panic and chaos ensue, they race against time to find a cure and save lives.


  • Jang Hyuk plays Kang Ji-koo, a rescue worker who tries to save his daughter and the city from a deadly virus outbreak. Jang Hyuk
  • Soo Ae's character is Kang Ji-koo, a doctor who teams up with a rescue worker to stop a deadly virus outbreak. Soo Ae
  • Min-ah Park is a young girl who becomes infected with a deadly virus, sparking a race against time to find a cure. Min-ah Park

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Flu," a vaccine is successfully developed to combat the deadly H5N1 virus. The infected individuals are treated and the city is slowly recovering. However, it is revealed that a new strain of the virus has emerged, posing a new threat. The film concludes with the realization that the fight against infectious diseases is an ongoing battle, leaving the audience with a sense of uncertainty and the need for continued vigilance.

Thumbs Down
Kim Sung-su Jang Hyuk Soo Ae Min-ah Park