Florence Foster Jenkins | 2016

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Florence Foster Jenkins Poster

Main Plot

Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy socialite in 1940s New York, dreams of becoming an opera singer despite her lack of talent. With the support of her husband and a pianist, she prepares for a public performance that challenges her perception of success and the power of music.


  • Florence Foster Jenkins - Meryl Streep portrays a wealthy socialite with a passion for singing despite her lack of talent.
  • St. Clair Bayfield - Hugh Grant's character is Florence Foster Jenkins' husband and a supportive figure in her musical pursuits.
  • Simon Helberg plays Cosmé McMoon, a talented pianist who becomes Florence Foster Jenkins' accompanist and confidant.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Florence Foster Jenkins, the titular character performs at Carnegie Hall despite her lack of singing talent. The audience is initially shocked, but soon embraces her genuine passion and unique charm. Florence's husband, St. Clair, supports her throughout, but ultimately, she succumbs to illness and passes away. Despite her unconventional talent, Florence's love for music and her determination to bring joy to others is celebrated, leaving a lasting impact on those who witnessed her performances.

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