Flop | 1990

Directed by: Eduardo Mignogna

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Main Plot

Based on the life of Florencio Parravicini, one of the first aviators of the country who after squandering his fortune worked as a shooter, actor and monologue in the first half of the twentieth century.


  • V√≠ctor Laplace's character in the plot of Flop is small and insignificant, having minimal impact on the story.
  • Federico Luppi's character plays a significant role in the plot of Flop, but his role is not specified.
  • Enrique Pinti's character adds humor and light-heartedness to the plot of Flop as a comedic relief.


In the ending of "Flop," directed by Eduardo Mignognain, the main character, Max, finally realizes his true passion for filmmaking. Despite facing constant rejection and setbacks, he refuses to give up and perseveres in pursuing his dreams. Max's dedication pays off when he creates a groundbreaking film that captivates audiences and critics alike. The film's success not only validates Max's talent but also inspires him to continue creating meaningful stories that resonate with people.

Eduardo Mignogna