Femme Fatale | 2002

Directed by: Brian De Palma

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Main Plot

After stealing a valuable diamond at the Cannes Film Festival, a woman assumes a new identity and starts a new life in Paris. However, her past catches up with her when a photographer recognizes her and becomes obsessed with uncovering her secrets. As she navigates a dangerous game of deception and betrayal, she must outsmart those who seek to expose her true identity. Femme Fatale is a stylish thriller filled with twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing until the very end.


  • Laure Ash, a cunning thief and master of disguise, plays a pivotal role in a complex heist that sets off a chain of dangerous events in the film.
  • Nicolas Bardo is a photographer who becomes entangled with the mysterious and seductive character played by Rebecca Romijn, leading to a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.
  • Peter Coyote plays Watts, a private investigator hired to track down Laure, the mysterious woman at the center of the film's intricate plot.


In the ending of Femme Fatale, Laure finally reveals her true intentions and orchestrates a plan to steal a valuable diamond necklace. She successfully carries out the heist, but things take a surprising turn when she is betrayed by her partner and left for dead. However, Laure manages to survive and tracks down her betrayer, seeking revenge. In a twist of fate, Laure's past catches up with her as she realizes the consequences of her actions and the price she must pay for her deceitful ways. The film concludes with a sense of poetic justice as Laure faces the consequences of her actions and is left to ponder the choices she has made.

Brian De Palma Crime Drama Mystery Rebecca Romijn Antonio Banderas Peter Coyote