Feast | 2005

Directed by: John Gulager

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Main Plot

Feast is a horror film where a group of strangers find themselves trapped in a remote bar, fighting for their lives against a horde of deadly creatures. As the night progresses, the survivors must come together to devise a plan to outsmart and defeat the relentless monsters. With each passing moment, the tension rises, and the group must face their fears and make sacrifices in order to survive the nightmarish ordeal. Full of gore, suspense, and unexpected twists, Feast is a thrilling and intense battle for survival against terrifying odds.


  • Navi Rawat's character in Feast is Honey Pie, a waitress at the bar who becomes a survivor fighting against the monstrous creatures attacking the establishment.
  • Krista Allen plays the character of Tuffy in Feast. Her role in the plot involves being a survivor who fights against the monstrous creatures attacking a remote bar.
  • Balthazar Getty's character in Feast is Bozo, who is a tough and resourceful survivor fighting against a group of deadly monsters in a remote bar.


In the ending of Feast, the remaining survivors, including a bartender, a bouncer, a pregnant woman, and a young boy, find themselves trapped in a bar surrounded by deadly monsters. With their numbers dwindling, they devise a plan to escape by using the boy as bait to distract the creatures. As they make their way to safety, they encounter more monsters and face numerous challenges. Ultimately, they manage to reach a car and drive away, leaving the bar behind in flames. However, the final scene reveals that the monsters are still lurking, suggesting that the survivors' ordeal may not be over yet.

John Gulager Action Comedy Horror Navi Rawat Krista Allen Balthazar Getty