Father Goose | 1964

Directed by: Ralph Nelson

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Main Plot

During World War II, a grumpy beachcomber is reluctantly assigned to watch over a French schoolteacher and her students on a remote island. As they face various challenges, their initial animosity turns into a heartwarming bond.


  • Cary Grant's character in Father Goose is a beachcomber who helps a French schoolteacher and her students during World War II.
  • Leslie Caron's character in Father Goose is Catherine Freneau, a French schoolteacher who becomes stranded on an island.
  • Trevor Howard plays Walter Eckland, a beachcomber who is reluctantly recruited to serve as a coastwatcher during World War II.


In the ending of Father Goose, Walter Eckland, a grumpy beachcomber, and Catherine Freneau, a French schoolteacher, are rescued from a remote Pacific island during World War II. They have fallen in love during their time together, but Walter is hesitant to commit. However, when Catherine is about to leave on a boat, Walter realizes his true feelings and chases after her. He confesses his love and they embrace, deciding to stay together. The film ends with them sailing away on the boat, leaving behind their island adventure and starting a new chapter in their lives.

Ralph Nelson