Fantastic Four | 2005

Directed by: Tim Story

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Main Plot

A group of astronauts gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure and must use them to oppose the plans of their enemy, Doctor Victor Von Doom.


  • Ioan Gruffudd's character, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, is the leader of the Fantastic Four and possesses elastic superpowers.
  • Michael Chiklis plays Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, a member of the Fantastic Four with superhuman strength and durability.
  • Chris Evans' character, Johnny Storm, plays the role of the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four, a superhero team.


In Fantastic Four, the team defeats the villain, Victor, who gains superpowers and becomes Doctor Doom. They use their combined abilities to stop him from destroying the world. The team saves New York City from a massive energy beam and restores peace. They then decide to continue using their powers for good, becoming the Fantastic Four and embracing their roles as superheroes.