Faceoff | 1997

Directed by: John Woo

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Main Plot

Face/Off follows the intense rivalry between FBI Special Agent Sean Archer and terrorist Castor Troy. When Archer's efforts to capture Troy go awry, he resorts to an unconventional plan: undergoing a groundbreaking surgery that allows him to assume Troy's appearance. As Archer infiltrates Troy's criminal world, he must navigate the dangerous web of deception while Troy, now possessing Archer's face, wreaks havoc on Archer's personal life. The film delves into the psychological battle between the two adversaries as they struggle to regain their identities and stop each other's destructive plans.


  • Sean Archer, an FBI agent, assumes the identity of Castor Troy, a terrorist, after a face transplant surgery, in order to stop Castor's plan to detonate a bomb. John Travolta
  • Nicolas Cage's character in Face/Off is Sean Archer, an FBI agent who undergoes a face transplant surgery to assume the identity of a dangerous terrorist in order to stop his evil plans. Nicolas Cage
  • Joan Allen's character in Face/Off is Eve Archer, an FBI agent who is the wife of the protagonist and becomes entangled in the dangerous mission to stop a terrorist. Joan Allen

Ending Explained

In the final moments of "Face/Off," FBI agent Sean Archer, who had surgically exchanged faces with his nemesis, terrorist Castor Troy, successfully thwarts Castor's plan to detonate a bomb at a public event. However, Castor's brother, Pollux, manages to escape. Sean, still wearing Castor's face, reunites with his wife and daughter, who are unaware of the switch. As they embrace, Sean secretly removes the face, revealing his true identity. Meanwhile, Castor, who had been in a coma, wakes up to find his face surgically attached to Sean's body. The film ends with Castor, now imprisoned and disfigured, screaming in agony as he realizes the irreversible consequences of his actions.

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