Extinction | 2018

Directed by: Ben Young

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Main Plot

A man plagued by recurring nightmares begins to question his reality when a destructive alien force invades Earth. As he fights to protect his family, he discovers a hidden truth that may hold the key to their survival.


  • Michael Peña's character in Extinction is named Peter, and he plays a key role in uncovering the truth about the alien invasion.
  • Lizzy Caplan's character in Extinction is named Alice, and she plays the role of Peter's wife and mother to their two daughters.
  • Amelia Crouch is a scientist who plays a crucial role in finding a solution to the impending extinction of humanity.


In the ending of "Extinction," it is revealed that the alien invasion was actually a simulation created by humans to prepare for a real extraterrestrial threat. Peter, who had been plagued by visions of the invasion, realizes his memories were altered to keep the truth hidden. With the help of his family, he confronts the aliens and successfully repels their attack. The film concludes with Peter and his family rebuilding their lives, knowing they are now prepared for any future alien encounters.

Ben Young