Everyone Says I Love You | 1996

Directed by: Woody Allen

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Main Plot

A wealthy New York family navigates the ups and downs of love and relationships, as they sing their way through various romantic escapades in cities like Venice and Paris.


  • Joe - A divorced writer who falls in love with Von, a woman he meets while in Paris.
  • Goldie Hawn's character is Steffi Dandridge, a divorcee who falls in love with Woody Allen's character.
  • Holly - Julia Roberts' character in Everyone Says I Love You is a young woman navigating love and relationships.


In the ending of "Everyone Says I Love You," the characters find themselves in various romantic situations. Joe and Vonnie reconcile, while Bob and Steffi's relationship blossoms. Skylar and Holden decide to get married, and Laura and Charles rekindle their love. Meanwhile, DJ and Lane develop a friendship, and Lane's mother, Steffi, finds love with a new partner. The film concludes with the characters singing and dancing together, celebrating their love and the joy of life.

Woody Allen