Empire of the Sun | 1987

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

 Movie Poster (spoilers)

Main Plot

Empire of the Sun follows a young British boy named Jim, who is separated from his parents during World War II and ends up in a Japanese internment camp in China. The film explores his journey of survival, growth, and the impact of war on his life.


  • Jamie Graham, a young British boy who becomes separated from his parents during World War II in Shanghai.
  • John Malkovich plays Basie, a cynical American scavenger who befriends the young protagonist and helps him survive in wartime Shanghai.
  • Mrs. Victor - She is a wealthy British woman who takes in Jim, the protagonist, during the war.


In the conclusion of "Empire of the Sun," Jim, a young British boy, is reunited with his parents after being separated during World War II. As they embrace, Jim's parents witness the profound changes he has undergone while surviving in a Japanese internment camp. The film ends with Jim looking back at the camp, symbolizing the loss of innocence and the lasting impact of war on his life.