Eden Lake | 2008

Directed by: James Watkins

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Main Plot

A couple's romantic weekend getaway turns into a nightmare when they are terrorized by a group of violent teenagers while camping near a remote lake.


  • Kelly Reilly's character in Eden Lake is Jenny, a teacher who becomes the target of a violent gang while on a romantic getaway.
  • Michael Fassbender's character in Eden Lake is named Steve, and he plays the boyfriend of the protagonist, Jenny.
  • Tara Ellis plays the character of Jenny, who is a victim of a group of violent teenagers in Eden Lake.


In the ending of Eden Lake, Jenny manages to escape from the gang of violent teenagers and finds refuge in a nearby house. However, the gang discovers her hiding place and brutally murders the homeowners. Jenny fights back, killing one of the gang members, but is ultimately overpowered and captured. The film concludes with the gang preparing to torture Jenny as a form of punishment, leaving her fate uncertain.

James Watkins