Drumline | 2002

Directed by: Charles Stone III

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Main Plot

A talented drummer from Harlem enrolls in a Southern university to join their prestigious marching band. Despite facing challenges and clashing with the band's leader, he works hard to prove himself and earn his spot in the band. As he navigates the competitive world of college marching bands, he learns the importance of teamwork, dedication, and staying true to his passion for music. Through intense rehearsals, performances, and personal growth, he discovers his own potential and finds a sense of belonging within the band. Ultimately, he must overcome obstacles and prove his worth in order to achieve his dreams of success and recognition in the world of marching bands.


  • Devon Miles is a talented drummer who joins a college marching band and clashes with the band's strict leader while trying to prove himself and earn respect.
  • Zoe Saldana's character is named Laila and she plays the love interest of the main character in the film, who is a talented drummer in a college marching band.
  • Dr. Lee is a strict and demanding band director who clashes with the main character, Devon, but ultimately helps him realize his potential and succeed in the marching band.


In the end, the A&T Drumline wins the national championship, solidifying their place as one of the best drumlines in the country. Devon reconciles with Dr. Lee and earns back his spot on the team. He also apologizes to Sean for his past behavior. The band performs an incredible routine at the championship game, showcasing their talent and hard work. Devon's leadership and dedication inspire the rest of the team to give their best performance. The movie ends with the band celebrating their victory and Devon realizing the importance of teamwork and humility.

Charles Stone III Comedy Drama Music Nick Cannon Zoe Saldana Orlando Jones