Department Q: The Absent One | 2014

Directed by: Mikkel Nørgaard

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Main Plot

The murder of young twins initially implicates a group of upper class students as the killers, though the case takes a turn or two from its starting point.


  • Nikolaj Lie Kaas plays a detective named Carl Mørck who investigates a cold case involving a group of wealthy friends.
  • Fares Fares' character plays a key role as a detective in Department Q, investigating a cold case murder.
  • Pilou Asbæk's character plays a key role in the plot as an antagonist in Department Q: The Absent One.


In the ending of Department Q: The Absent One, it is revealed that the corrupt politician, Ditlev Pram, is behind the brutal murders of several young women. After being confronted by Carl Mørck and his team, Pram attempts to escape but is ultimately killed by his accomplice. Meanwhile, Mørck's assistant, Assad, discovers crucial evidence that helps solve the case. The film concludes with the team successfully closing the investigation and bringing justice to the victims.

Mikkel Nørgaard