Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical | 2002

Directed by: Robert A. Mitchell, Eli Newsom, Brandy Joe Plambeck

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Main Plot

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  • Lisa Adam plays the role of Debbie in the plot of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical.
  • Maggie Alger is a cheerleader who helps lead the team in their quest to raise money for her trip to Dallas.
  • Rachel Banks is a cheerleader who helps a group of girls fundraise for a trip to Dallas through unconventional means.


Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, directed by Robert A. Mitchell, Eli Newsom, and Brandy Joe Plambeck, concludes with a triumphant ending. Debbie and her friends successfully raise enough money to attend cheerleader camp by performing provocative acts. They celebrate their achievement, embracing their dreams and aspirations. Through their journey, they discover the power of friendship and determination, ultimately leaving the audience with a sense of empowerment and joy.