Dear David | 2023

Directed by: Lucky Kuswandi

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Main Plot

A straight-A high schooler's life is turned upside down when her risqué fantasy blog about her crush is leaked to everyone at school.


  • Shenina Cinnamon is a minor character in the plot of Dear David, her role is unclear and limited.
  • Emir Mahira's character in the plot of Dear David is a friend who helps investigate and document paranormal activities.
  • Caitlin North Lewis is a character in the plot of Dear David who investigates and documents paranormal activities.


In the ending of "Dear David," the protagonist discovers the truth about the haunting. David, a malevolent spirit, had been tormenting him throughout the story. With the help of a psychic, the protagonist manages to confront David and banish him from his life. The haunting finally comes to an end, leaving the protagonist with a sense of relief and closure.

Lucky Kuswandi