Dark Harvest Ii The Maize | 2004

Directed by: Bill Cowell

Dark Harvest Ii The Maize Poster

Main Plot

A father's psychic abilities are put to the test when his two daughters are trapped inside of a corn maze haunted by the spirits of two young girls who disappeared a year earlier.


  • Bill Cowell is a minor character in Dark Harvest II: The Maize, with an unclear role in the overall plot. Bill Cowell
  • Kelleigh Murray is a character in Dark Harvest II: The Maize who plays a significant role in the plot. Kelleigh Murray
  • Alyssa Cowell's character plays a crucial part in the plot of Dark Harvest II: The Maize. Alyssa Cowell

Ending Explained

In the ending of Dark Harvest II: The Maize, the protagonist uncovers the horrifying truth behind the haunted cornfield. The malevolent spirit possessing the maize is defeated, bringing an end to the terror that has plagued the town. The protagonist and their friends manage to escape the cornfield and find solace, knowing that the evil has finally been vanquished. However, the dark secrets of the maize continue to haunt their memories, leaving a lingering sense of unease.

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Bill Cowell Bill Cowell Kelleigh Murray Alyssa Cowell