Dance Flick | 2009

Directed by: Damien Dante Wayans

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Main Plot

Street dancer Thomas Uncles is from the wrong side of the tracks, but his bond with the beautiful Megan White might help the duo realize their dreams as they enter in the mother of all dance battles.


  • Marlon Wayans plays the role of a mentor who helps the main character in achieving success in dancing.
  • Shawn Wayans plays a dance instructor in Dance Flick who helps the main character improve her dancing skills.
  • Shoshana Bush plays the lead role in Dance Flick as a talented dancer trying to make it in the dance world.


In Dance Flick, directed by Damien Dante Wayans, the dance crew competes in a major dance competition. Despite facing various obstacles and mishaps, they manage to deliver an exceptional performance that impresses the judges and the audience. In the end, they are crowned the winners, achieving their dreams and solidifying their place in the dance world.

Damien Dante Wayans