Da Hip Hop Witch | 2000

Directed by: Dale Resteghini

Da Hip Hop Witch Poster

Main Plot

5 white kids get lost in the hood looking for da hip hop witch, a year later their footage was found.


  • Eminem's character is a victim of Da Hip Hop Witch's curse and becomes one of her targets.
  • Ja Rule plays himself in Da Hip Hop Witch, where he investigates the disappearance of several hip hop artists.
  • Pras Michel plays a detective investigating the mysterious disappearances of hip-hop artists in Da Hip Hop Witch.
  • Vanilla Ice plays himself in Da Hip Hop Witch, working with a group of rappers to find and defeat the hip-hop witch.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Da Hip Hop Witch, the main characters survive the wrath of the hip hop witch and manage to escape her clutches. They uncover her true identity as a disturbed fan seeking revenge on the hip hop artists. The witch is defeated and the characters find themselves back in reality, reflecting on the harrowing experience they endured.

Thumbs Down
Dale Resteghini Eminem Ja Rule Pras Michel Vanilla Ice