Cruisin Down The River | 1953

Directed by: Richard Quine

Cruisin Down The River Poster

Main Plot

"Cruisin' Down the River" is a musical comedy directed by Richard Quine. The film follows the story of a young woman who inherits a riverboat and decides to turn it into a floating nightclub. As she navigates the challenges of running the business, she also finds herself caught in a love triangle between a charming singer and a wealthy businessman. With lively musical numbers and comedic situations, the film explores the protagonist's journey of finding love and success on the river.


  • Dick Haymes' character in "Cruisin' Down the River" is Captain Alan Hale, a charming riverboat captain who becomes involved in a romantic love triangle.
  • Audrey Totter's character in "Cruisin' Down the River" is a love interest who becomes involved in a romantic subplot with the film's main protagonist.
  • Billy Daniels plays the character of a riverboat captain who embarks on a journey down the river, encountering various adventures and challenges along the way.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Cruisin' Down the River," directed by Richard Quine, the main characters, Tom and Anne, finally find happiness together. After overcoming various obstacles, including mistaken identities and misunderstandings, they realize their true feelings for each other. Tom, a riverboat captain, decides to leave his current job to be with Anne, a talented singer. They embark on a new journey together, both personally and professionally, as they plan to start a new life on a different riverboat. The movie concludes with a joyous musical performance by Anne, surrounded by Tom and their friends, symbolizing their newfound love and the bright future that awaits them.

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