Crimson Tide | 1995

Directed by: Tony Scott

Crimson Tide Poster

Main Plot

During a tense nuclear crisis, the captain and executive officer of a submarine clash over their differing interpretations of orders, leading to a power struggle that threatens the safety of the world.


  • Gene Hackman's character in Crimson Tide is Captain Frank Ramsey, the commanding officer of a nuclear submarine. Gene Hackman
  • Denzel Washington's character in Crimson Tide is Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter, the executive officer on a nuclear submarine. Denzel Washington
  • Matt Craven's character in Crimson Tide is Lieutenant Roy Zimmer, a loyal and dedicated officer serving aboard the USS Alabama. Matt Craven

Ending Explained

In the ending of Crimson Tide, after a tense standoff between Captain Ramsey and Lieutenant Commander Hunter over launching nuclear missiles, the crew receives a partial message indicating that the Russian rebels have surrendered. Ramsey finally relents, and the missile launch is aborted. The crew celebrates their victory, and Hunter is promoted to Captain. The film concludes with the crew singing "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" as they return to port.

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Tony Scott Gene Hackman Denzel Washington Matt Craven