Crap Shoot: The Documentary | 2007

Directed by: Kenneth R. Close

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Main Plot

When a scientist and his narrator visit L.A. to research Hollywood filmmaking, their engrossing documentary about movies becomes an outlandish movie about documentaries.


  • Kenneth R. Close is a key figure in the plot of Crap Shoot: The Documentary, contributing his perspective and experiences.
  • James E. Horton's character plays a prominent role in the plot of "Crap Shoot: The Documentary."
  • Joey Medina's character plays a significant role in providing comedic commentary and insights on the world of stand-up comedy.


In the documentary "Crap Shoot," directed by Kenneth R. Closein, the film concludes with a thought-provoking ending. It highlights the detrimental effects of human waste on the environment, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable waste management solutions. Through interviews with experts and compelling visuals, the documentary serves as a wake-up call to viewers, urging them to take action and prioritize responsible waste disposal practices to protect our planet.

Kenneth R. Close