Contratiempo | 2011

Directed by: Ramiro Medina Flores

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Main Plot

A race against time between a man whose son requires urgent treatment and a stockbroker who suddenly lost his investors' money and ruined his own family.


  • The character's name is Adrián Doria, and he is the main protagonist in the plot of Contratiempo.
  • Adrián Doria, a successful businessman accused of murder, is the main character in the plot of Contratiempo.
  • Laisha Wilkins' character in Contratiempo is called Virginia Goodman, a crucial role as a criminal defense attorney.


In the ending of Contratiempo, the truth is finally revealed as Adrian discovers that his lover, Laura, had orchestrated a plan to frame him for the murder of her husband. After a series of intricate twists and turns, Adrian manages to prove his innocence and expose Laura's deceit. However, the shocking revelation comes with a price, as Adrian's reputation is tarnished and his relationship with his wife suffers irreparable damage. As the film concludes, Adrian is left to contemplate the consequences of his actions and the true nature of trust and betrayal.

Ramiro Medina Flores